How We Think

The Future of Beauty

Just months ago, beauty relied on high-touch sensorial environments. With a raised awareness around high-touch environments, the beauty industry must appeal to customers that responsibly tackle the “touch and feel” interaction associated with product testing. Shop! Association asked our team how stores can create inviting and authentic experiences while balancing digitization and human interaction responsibly?

Dear Millennials: Thank you for Saving Retail

MG2 is increasingly being approached by brands interested in creating sensory-rich physical environments that are less about selling and more about building offline community. Designing stores with flexible spaces to enable showrooms, classes, pop-up shops, brunches and parties is an ideal way to appeal to multi-tasking Millennials looking to build their skills and networks while simultaneously experiencing products and services curated for them.

Practice Makes Perfect

The extremely competitive nature of commercial and retail development has demanded that architects reimagine the practice and develop new ways to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

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